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I, Prashant Sharma, a top Delhi NCR based Life Coach and Motivational Speaker with more then 19+ years of experience working to finding the perfect work-life balance for you to get excellence in your personal and professional life.If you are thinking for the improvement of your mindset to change your life forever, then I am here for you to accelerate your personal and professional life with full satisfaction level being certified Neuro-Linguistic Programing(NLP) Coach and Life Coach from Kain Ramsay, Achology Ltd, offers both in-person (offline) and online video conferencing based sessions for you. 

End of the day, you will get a reward for your investment in terms of peak performance input for your life.

Life Coaching

Struggling with life related issues?. Get assistance for all kind of life related problems. Be it anxiety, anger, self confidence etc. You just need a session to get rid of all

Motivational Services

Struggling with hard challenges and low motivation level? Don’t worry ! We are here to boost your motivation level against any challenge or hurdle with ease

Career Coaching

Are you lost in midway of your life? Don’t know what career to choose in life? Get the best career guidance and identify your true skill sets. We help you to find your inner talent.

My aim as Life Coach and Motivational Speaker is to create and develop values, positive attitude, diffrent perspectives and skill set to make life more easy. All these abilities will smooth out your day to day operations and you’ll adapt according to the situations more easily. We all need someone to guide us at some point of time in life. In time of difficulties and misiries we need someone show us the way out when everything seems to be enclosed. In such scenerio Mr. Prashant Sharma helps you to see the correct way out and mentors you in order to tackle down the issues. He will help you to know yourself better and helps you in knowing your correct talent and skills.



NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a powerful method to bring notable changes in your life. NLP is a set programmes and methods designed to understand human behaviour and help them with any kind of stress, anxiety, trauma etc. It’ll also help you to know your skill set and further excel in life.

NLP is basically a collection of strategies and techniques for gaining excellence in order to help us better understand our behaviour, including how the language we use influences the way we think and the results we get. NLP therapy helps us to bring significant positive changes in behaviour.


Frequently Asked Questions

We conduct online sessions on various platforms such as zoom calls, google meet, whatsapp, skype etc

Life coaching by Mr. Prashant Sharma are directed toward making a change in life of people through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme). This methodology is aimed toward understanding the behaviour and human psychology and modify it to make it better.

Yes you can get a face to face session with Mr. Prashant Sharma in Delhi NCR & other prime location with full covid precautions and social distancing.

We provide customized sessions for the client. Personal one to one session goes for 60 minutes. Worskhops and training session time may vary. 

We suggest some activities for the clients to be done in between the session to see quick results.

One should take atleast 2-3 session in a span of one week but session can be increased depending on the conditions of client.

Our sessions fee starts from Rs 4999/ only

Normally it’s a 60 minute session but this can be increased depending on the clients situation and number of challenges they’re facing.

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